Ascension Lutheran Church

Helping those in need

Gulf Coast Flooding Relief

If you would like to help the needy individuals and families recently impacted by flooding along the Gulf Coast, you may visit the following website and make a donation:


Lutheran Disaster Response

Lutheran Disaster Response brings God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world. When the dust settles and the headlines change, we stay to provide ongoing assistance to those in need.


How We Work

We are a church that is a catalyst, convener and bridge builder. Lutheran Disaster Response collaborates with other disaster response organizations and religious entities in the United States and around the world. This enables the greatest stewardship of resources and maximum impact of response. We are a welcome partner because we respect the perspectives and strengths of others.

We recognize that every disaster is local. Because of this, we believe every response needs to be rooted in the community; we work to accompany that community from immediate relief through long-term recovery. In our international work we partner closely with companion churches and other Lutheran and ecumenical relief agencies to make sure local needs are being addressed and met. In the United States, we work through our extensive affiliate network and other partners to address these same concerns.

Lutheran Disaster Response strives to help the church continue to be church in the midst of disaster — following Christ’s call to bring hope and healing to our neighbor in need. Some key areas of work include:

  • Providing emotional and spiritual care for people who have been affected by a disaster and for leaders who respond to a disaster
  • Coordinating volunteers through our local affiliates
  • Assisting refugees in a holistic way by meeting the varied needs of the community
  • Promoting disaster risk-reduction by helping communities build their assets thereby reducing the effects of likely disasters
  • Providing long-term recovery efforts by addressing the unmet needs months or even years after a disaster strikes

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