Ascension Lutheran Church



Lutherans of all type hold to the following teachings embraced by Luther:


  • We are saved by the grace of God alone, not by anything we do. We receive God’s grace through faith alone; we only need to trust that our sins are forgiven because Christ offered himself for the sins of the whole world. (Ephesians 2.8-10)
  • The Bible is the only norm of doctrine and life; it is the only true standard by which all Christian teachings are to be judged.
  • The Bible should be read and worship should to be done in language that the average person can understand.


From the earliest days, Christians have struggled to understand the interplay of beliefs and actions. Some have argued that faith that does not demonstrate itself in actions is “dead” (James 2.26). Others, have argued that we are made acceptable before God (justified, or “saved”) not by what we do but in whom we trust (Romans 3.28). Lutherans understand this to mean that while we can never make ourselves “good enough” for God, because of what Christ has done, God accepts us anyway as we confess our weakness and failure (sin) and put our trust (faith) in Christ.


The problem is that we tend to think of faith as something that can be measured; as in,
“Do I have enough faith?” However, faith (as Lutherans understand it) is not something we can measure, but it is something that inspires and moves us. Faith is what a child has when she trusts that her parents will take care of her. Our trust in God’s grace should look like this.