Ascension Lutheran Church

Children's Activities

Matthew 28:16-20 asks us to “Tell one another how you first hear the Good News about Jesus”.

Ascension’s Children’s Ministry seeks to share with our youngsters God's grace and the good news of the Gospel. Our hope and opportunity is to play a role in nurturing the next generation in faith.


Disciple Land Learning & Worship Zone – Pre-K thru Grade 6

The Disciple Land Learning Zone is our lively fellowship and learning area. We typically gather to for fellowship and sharing about the past week and offer praise through song and prayer. Children (4K - Grade 6) then move on to a combined-age class modeled after the Godly Play structure, children sit in a story circle for hands on instruction.  The Curriculum is selected by the Education Committee headed by the Congregational Council’s Education Chair.

Our format requires only 1-2 teachers per week, and volunteers are encouraged and welcome!  Storytellers, bakers, crafters, and behind-the-scenes volunteers to prepare materials and lessons are always helpful. Email or call our Sunday School Coordinator at 601-992-4807. 

Rally Day → Sunday School Kickoff
First Sunday in September


Nursery Care – Infants through Pre-K

So that parents and families can participate more fully in worship, we offer nursery care during the 10am worship service and some special events. Contact the church at by email at 601-956-4263 to find out if Nursery Care is available for an upcoming event. 

First Communion

Each summer Pastor Clark offers "First Communion" classes for youth who have completed thrid grade and who wish (with their parents approval) to begin receiving communion. 

These three short classes are generally held on three consecutive Sunday mornings before worship:

  • In the first Pastor shares the story of they first Passover and prepare a simple Seder meal that they eat together. 
  • In the second, Pastor recounts the story of Jesus' last Passover meal (the Last Supper) with his disciples when he instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion.  Together the youth and Pastor also act out that story. 
  • On the final Sunday morning, the students assist Pastor in making and baking bread from a simple recipe.  They get their hands in the dough and roll it out into flat loaves.  Finally, as part of our worship that day, the studnets also bring this bread to the altar for use as the bread for our Eucharist which they share for the first time with their Ascension Family.

If you have a child who would like to be a part of these classes and then begin receiving communion, contact Pastor Clark at or 601-956-4263. 


Confirmation Instruction – Grades 7 & 8

The ELCA task force offers these suggestions for creative and effective confirmation ministry:

Confirmation . . .

  • flows from baptism
  • is the responsibility of the entire congregation
  • involves a variety of people and approaches
  • benefits young people best when there are a variety of models and learning

At Ascension, we recognize confirmation not only as an educational opportunity, but also as youth ministry. Our confirmation ministry builds on our Lutheran heritage, seeking “strengthen the spirit” while affirming faithfulness, discipleship, and lifelong learning.

The group meets for weekly lessons with the Confirmation Instructors during the Sunday School hour and for special sessions with Pastor Clark.  Contact him to enroll at or 601-956-4263.